Interactive board for your own retro process

A real-time interactive board that helps you to streamline your retro flow and collate valuable data

5 boards For Free

A smarter way of running your retrospective sessions

Build up your own custom retro session with more advanced feature enrichment: action board, board metrics, real time collbrations etc.

Board creation stepper

Well designed flow during board creation that guides you through all the necessary steps

Simple process

All you need to do is provide the board name, everything else has a default setting that can be easily configured

Custom Retro Flow and Column Settings

Didn't quite like the default settings? No worries, we have provided a wide range of templates from our library for you to select

Action Board

A dedicated page in your dashboard that helps you to manage and keep track of all your action items.

Quick navigation

You can easily filter out your actions by the tabs, and if you wish to find an action using keyword, we also support that.

Easy interaction

Interacting with action items is very simple and intuitive. Play around with it and you will find out!

Survey & Summary page

We have made it simple to collect and show feedbacks from your team members


An easy way of collecting feedbacks from your team member about the current sprint

Summary page

The summary page provides you with a high level insight to your current retrospective sessions

Custom Retro Flow

Not a fan of our default flow? Create your own retro flow here! You can easily configure setting for each steps.

Define your retro flow

Choose your own name for each steps as well as configure their settings! we have made it really easy to edit and update the settings

Use retro flows from our library

We have provided you with a number of presets. If you are happy with one of them, stick with it!

Retro Metrics

A dedicated page in your dashboard that provides you with a high level summary of your recent retro session

Survey Trends

A visual line chart that gives a clear trends of your historical survey responses

More insights

This section also provides you with the average rating, board history and recent actions that could help you analyze how well your team is performing

Colored Board List

A list of boards with colors that helps you compare with historical vision

Color Indicator

The colors on card background indicate how many items were created for each column.

Simpilified UI

All buttons on the card, you know what you need to do.

Game Lobby & Member Invitation

Reject or approve user easily via in-game approval dialog.


A simple waiting lobby for you to manage quick setting before the game starts.

Member Invitation

A dialog is shown up whenever a new user asks for join.

Action Editor

Use comment icon to add action(s).

Nested Actions

The actions are nested for each card, so you can manage all actions in a single place.

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