Scheduled Async Reports For Slack.

Used by more than 100+ workspaces. Async Report is part of our AgileSuite package.

1 Free Report Template

Using it for Stand-up, Quick Survey, Simple Questions etc..

Using async reports on Slack to quickly gather responses.

Customised Slack Form Dialog

Design your own form with up to 5 customised questions!

Up to 5 customised questions

You can define and create your own questions as you want.

Form Supported Dialog

Not like other tools, we support a visualised form dialog. It's simple and user-friendly.

Create a scheduled report in a minute

Simple flow and take you just a few minutes to set up an async report

Support any timezone

Our tool can help you set up any timezone to any team members over the world.

Use it for different types of reports

Retro report, Weekly report, Stand-up etc., use it to help your team communicate efficiently.

Display answers from previous report

A user-friendly feature designed for end customers to check his recent response.

Help you remember what you have done

No need to check your previous response, look up in one dialog and update your new report instantly, that's it.

Edit Your Report

Made a mistake? No worries, we also support you to edit your report in Slack.

Broadcast and Sync Modifications

Broadcast your report to a channel, keep your team notified.

Publish Your Report

Once your report is submitted, the report will be published to a public channel that everyone can see it!

Formatted Response

The report will be auto formatted so you can check messages very easily.

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