Planning poker room for scrum teams

A simple online planning poker virtual room made for agile development.

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A better way to estimate tasks accurately

Using this real time online virtual room to estimate story points more accurately

Voting System

Our planning poker supports you to customise any voting system as you wish

Built-in Default Voting System

The system has pre-filled default popular selections, so you can pick up any type as you want.

Custom Voting System

Select Custom option to build up your own team voting system.

Easy Voting Process

No learning curve, just dive in and start game without training.

Topic Field (Optional)

Assign issue ticket or discussion topic for your team planning session, you don't need to refresh, everything syncs in real time.

Moderator Support

Select any person to be your room host, so he/she can control room flow: start, show result and restart!

Result Analysis

Analyse result for your team to assess which pint is the highest/lowest.


The automated sorting algorithm enables you to know who voted the highest or lowest.

Agreement Bar

A visualised pie bar indicates the team agreement percentage.

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